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Thomas D. Hall
President & CEO
Firm principal Tom Hall has been driving improvements on the business side of Florida's court system for 25 years - leading the adoption of technological advancements and performance enhancements that make the Florida court system among the most efficient in the nation.

The statewide Florida Courts E-Filing Portal which began operation in 2012 is the most ambitious electronic court project that has been attempted to date by any large state in the nation.  Tom has helped guide the project from its inception and was among the founding board members on the Florida Courts E-Filing Authority. The innovative public-private model created in Florida to implement e-filing is the only entity of its kind in the nation.  The Authority has achieved remarkable success - processing filings during the transitional phase at a rate projected to amount to more than 67 million pages by the end of the year. The unprecedented cooperation between the clerks' association and the courts fostered by Hall has been singled out as the most critical factor to the project's continued success. 

As Clerk of Court at the Florida Supreme Court during the Bush v. Gore presidential election battle in 2000 Tom was at ground zero establishing the model for handling high profile cases when the whole world is watching. That experience led to many innovations and started the Florida court systems' transition away from outdated means of processing cases. Over the next 13 years Tom was at the forefront of every major improvement the court system implemented.  A recent special commendation presented by the Florida Court Technology Commission concludes "the state's judiciary will benefit from [Tom's] service for many years to come."  


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